Monday, February 23, 2009

take out my earplugs

Psalm 51:8
Make me to hear joy and gladness...

There are times in life when things are going badly, and it is hard to see the light in the cold, dark valley, and the prayer goes up to be able to see or hear something good, feel a little gladness, know that there is hope in spite of the troubles all around.

Then there are times when things are going along just fine, but our eyes are darkened to the goodness around us. The hope and joy is there, but discontentment has silenced their song; we need to pray to be made to hear the joy and gladness.

I had a day like that last week. Nothing was wrong with the little world around me, but something was wrong with my heart. After I took a moment to search myself out, I knew I was being discontent with the daily-ness of motherhood. I prayed for the Lord to make me content. It felt silly. My life was great, and I knew it, and I was praying for contentment.

Then I read through Psalm 51 and came across verse eight with that phrase, "Make me to hear joy and gladness." I know that David wrote this after he committed his terrible sin with Bathsheba and was in the middle of a terrible mess as a result of it. But I also know that I was sinning with my ungrateful attitude and discontent thoughts. So it isn't really silly to pray for the Lord to give me the victory over my sin. That phrase has been my prayer over the past few days now.

Make me to hear joy and gladness.

I must take out my sinful earplugs of discontent and selfishness. I will hear the joy and gladness my God has for me.


Melissa said...

Good thoughts, Nanette, and so true.

Kay said...

Ah, i needed this. I'm working on that whole "be content" thing... its so hard!

Jenni said...

Love this. Thank you.