Thursday, February 26, 2009

Katie and Me time (with lots of pizza)

My mom watched Joey for most of yesterday, and I enjoyed some time with just my girl. We shopped at JCPenney, where I was prepared to spend the big bucks and finally get some curtains up on some bare windows in my house, but left only spending $1.97 on 2 pairs of pink gloves for next year.

Then we had lunch together at Cici's Pizza. It was my first time eating at Cici's and I really enjoyed it. I am a pizza lover, and while it was not the best pizza I have ever had, it was yummy, and I could eat as much as i wanted for $5.79. And let's just say I wanted a lot. The employees and manager lived up to their friendly reputation. Since I was there with Katie and no other adult to sit with her while I went up to the buffet line, the manager would get me whatever I needed every time he did his dining room circle to make sure everything was okay with all the diners.

It was so much fun to have one-on-one time with Katie. She was happy, and talkative, and very pleasant. It seems that quite a lot of the squealing that comes out of her is caused by her pesky, big brother.

After we had our fill of salad and pizza, Katie and I finished up with a large helping of some cinnamon rolls that had just come out of the oven. They were hot, gooey, and sugary, and I could have eaten more, but I was already treading too far into the land of gluttony as it was. So I sat and sipped my diet soda waiting for Katie to finish her "cake," which she had to eat with a fork, because a proper lady does not eat a cinnamon roll with her fingers. (I am not a proper lady.)

With our bellies full, we went into Ross for a quick look, and again, it was rather fun to have Katie in tow while shopping. She told me how pretty she thought every garment with sequins was, pointed out every pair of shoes she saw, and even made it to the bathroom for a potty victory.

It was a neat glimpse into future dates with my daughter -- how much fun it will be to have a girlfriend to go shopping with, a motor-mouth like me to sit and chat with, and a lunch buddy with an appetite that will keep up with mine at the pizza buffet.

Good times.


My Bright Corner said...

That's sweet! I'm the only daughter in my family and my Mom and I have awesome times together when we go out. Last summer, we took a mini-vacation to her hometown together. So much fun!

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, looks like fun!

virginia said...

This is so precious. She is a blessed little girl and you are a blessed mama.