Wednesday, February 18, 2009

1 adult, 6 kids, 5 gingerbread houses

Today was gingerbread house day, done in February because I wait until after Christmas when the kits are $1 on the clearance shelf at Wegman's, plus it took a while to figure out a good day to have the four cousins over for some sugary fun.

But it snowed so that our activity would feel season appropriate.

All the cookie pieces, candy, icing sugar, and the icing bag and tip for one dollar!

I was giddy with frugal excitement when I bought them. It was one of those times checking out when I shared my joy with the cashier because I was so excited. I'm a dork. I know.

It was all for great fun. Every builder has his or her own personal building philosophy.

Katie's philosophy was "Eat as much icing as I can possibly eat."

Rowan had no philosophy because she wanted nothing to do with our confection creations. (but after her nap thoroughly enjoyed a snack of rainbow sprinkles)

Gavin's philosophy was "This lady seems to know what she is talking about, so I will do whatever she tells me, quietly and carefully, and just sneak a few candies here and there."

Austin's philosophy was "This is the third time I have done this. I am a pro. I do not need to hear instructions, and my final product will be unique and have my own special touch."

Grayson's was, "I don't want to fail. I don't want this to turn out wrong. I want mine to be great."

And then there was Joey, whose philosophy was, "I could really care less about this gingerbread house, but it is what I have to do to hang out with my cousins and have a good time, so I'll do it. Oh, and I will eat as many candies as I can possibly sneak when Mommy isn't looking."

Here are the finished products:

It was a fun day with cousins. Maybe a memory or two.
(Minimal stress, and not too much mess.)

Good times.


Guy Beaumont said...

Great pics! Thank you for having the kids over. The wife got a lot done and the children had a blast!

My Bright Corner said...

So cute and so fun!

grndmom/pop said...

my "GRAND"children are such buuuuuu-tiful!!! artists...super-duper great job!

Katina said...

What fun! We usually buy the gingerbread houses after Christmas too, but I don't think I ever got them for a dollar...WTG!

So...who's going to eat all those houses?

Musing Truth said...

Oh my, the descriptions and pics are just great!! Thanks so much for an AWESOME day!!!

And kiddos are already eating the candy, Gavin thought Austin's house was his and already ate the "smile" of candy on the roof to Austin's great chagrin!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how much Grayson looks like his dad and Austin like his mom! Cute pictures!!

Rachel said...

Looks like you all had alot of FUN :)

Dear Abbi said...

Aww, looks like so much fun!! Good job!

Kelly said...

Those are adorable! YUMMO!