Saturday, October 2, 2010

fall again

It is already October. I really can't believe it. Summer flew by, and here is autumn. Time for cooler weather, sweaters, inappropriate wearing of flip-flops, and spending 30 minutes trying to make your crawling baby sit still so you can get the perfect photo with the pumpkin you cannot believe you grew all by yourself.

Two pumpkins
( so it isn't perfect, but I was pleased)

And let me just say that two little pumpkin seeds make two really ginormous pumpkin vines. My yard has suffered, but all in the name of homeschooling and watching things grow. It was worth it, as Joey and I have delighted in seeing the vines grow and flower, and produce such magnificently large and orange vegetables. If you have about 200 square feet or so of yard space to spare, I highly recommend you grow some pumpkins.

And if you have 18 months or so to spare, I highly recommend you also grow the much sweeter, less orange variety pictured. :)