Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mighty gusts

The high winds woke both Katie and me in the middle of the night. The window screens were shaking so badly, it was hard to fall back asleep. When I woke up this morning, I truly was expecting to look around and see felled limbs and branches. I looked out Katie's window to check out the front yard, and I saw all the trees stood strong, but the recyclable container blew away along with most of the recyclables, and the kids sandbox cover was in the front yard.

Then I noticed next to the sandbox cover a large, round, shiny disk, with a small hole in the center. It looked like a CD, three feet wide, sitting there in the grass. I was working my brain trying to figure out what it was when I realized it was the glass table top from our patio table on the back deck! Somehow the wind lifted it off the table, dropped it nine feet off the deck, and then rolled it all the way to the front yard without it shattering into a million pieces. How is that possible?

Thanks to the Lord that we don't have to buy a new table, and that I am not spending my day combing the yard to pick up broken glass.


Shirley said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Always smile, laugh and be who you are. It's a great pleasure to know you.

virginia said...

It's been insanely windy here as well. The wind has always been comforting to me though. It reminds me of the "three little pigs".