Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last day

Today Katie dumped the entire contents of the tissue box plus 1/4 of a tube of toothpaste into the toilet, decided her Little People doll house needed some pancake syrup, and used glue stick for ChapStick.

Why would she choose to do all these things today?

Because it is her last day as a one-year-old. And she is going out with a bang.


grndmom/pop said...

oh my!! Kate...grndmom thinks you're trying to top your bro @ my house w/the baby powder!!! :)

Katina said...

How hilarious!!! She's going out with a boom! Happy Birthday Katie! Glad you made it memorable for your Mommy!!! :)

My Bright Corner said...

She keeps you hoppin' for sure!

Rachel said...

Thats such a cute picture! :D