Monday, March 30, 2009

more from MOMA (Museum of Messy art)

After initial great reviews, today I am presenting three more artworks by Kate.

Her green period has produced these interesting pieces.

"Cavity Free" done in toothpaste on tile

"Needs no Paper" (marker on wood)

and "Relax, Max" which was ambitiously created using a Sharpie on a recliner canvas.

While I was only able to enjoy the first two artworks for a short while, "Relax, Max" has become a fixture in my home. It is displayed in my play room, giving an unexpected visual pop to my otherwise traditional decor.


Anne said...

Keep up the MOMA, Nannette! These are two good:)

Becky said...

So much for a week off! :)

Dear Abbi said...

Obviously the little artist is hooked on green lately. :)

BTW, I wonder if Google couldn't produce a solution for Relax, Max? You wouldn't believe what Katina has gotten out of things thanks to google results.

Melissa said...

Haha, I love your descriptions of the artwork - beautiful :-)

Katina said...

Too funny!

I was just scrubbing crayon and marker from the school room table today, compliments of my little picasso.

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one. :)

My Bright Corner said...

You could really start a huge blog following based soley on MOMA!

No No Nanette said...

So glad my budding "artist" is able to please you all:)

MBC, thanks! How lovely to give all the credit to my trouble-makin' little girl;)

grndmom/pop said... was Pop-Pop's favorite color!! :) Grandmom says.."beware of the 'SILENCE IS GOLDEN'.. shh..listen for the green marker!

Musing Truth said...

Hand sanitizer is your friend. Gavin did this all over both couches in red marker last fall, and several bottles later with vigorous scrubbing, one can barely tell at all. Dump generous amounts, and get several rags. The rags will soak most of the color, and then you can try to scrub the rest with more sanitizer. Arm workout anyone?

K to tha Izzle said...

hahaha, she's just showin some shamrock love before the month is out :) that is so crazy!!! i'm lovin the "MOMA" tho ;)