Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's Saturday, again

  • I think I may have been transported by time machine from last Saturday to now. (That is my creative way of saying "time flies.")

  • I have just finished cooking a few meals-- some for tonight, and some so I won't have to cook on Sunday. I do not understand people who have big Sunday meals. It is the day of the week I least want to cook. So while the kids were napping, I cooked away. It was quite enjoyable.

  • Speaking of children napping, Katie is fighting hers so very badly. She still really needs a nap, and when she does finally fall asleep, she will stay asleep for about 3 hours. But she does not want to fall asleep. She sits and talks, and then throws everything out of the crib, and then cries for whatever she wants that is now on the floor. It is a bit frustrating. I do not recall Joey ever fighting the nap until this past year when he began to not need it everyday. I am not quite sure what to do with her - sweet, darling girl.

  • Joey produced his first "invented spelling" today. KFE=coffee. I was thrilled! We have only been learning the sounds of the letters through everyday exposure to print and the alphabet, and just a few ABC crafts--no formal phonics lessons at all, so I was quite shocked. I am also thrilled because, well, the first word he "spelled" was coffee. And I am sure you know that coffee is the sweet nectar of life.

  • Speaking of coffee, I ran out of my beloved beverage this morning, so I got my caffeine from tea, and it is a sorry excuse for coffee. It is. Sorry, all you tea drinkers. I just love, enjoy, need, must have my coffee!

  • If you have the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book, (you know the one that is red and whited checked) you should make the Buttermilk Coffee Cake recipe. It is so yummy! I ate way more coffee cake this week than one girl should. Anyway, I received that cook book for my bridal shower, and time and again it has come through for me. I get a lot of my recipes from, but this cook book has given me good results with quick breads, main dishes, and lot of tasty desserts.

  • This week I spent two days visiting with friends. The Lord is good. I am thankful for both the ladies I was was able to spend time with. I am able to learn so much from both of their lives, and I praise the Lord He gave me these sweet times of fellowship this week. It really was a treat, since I don't visit with friends very often. God loves me, and cares for me, and I am thankful for the vessels of His blessings these friends were to me.

  • Lastly, I am just letting Spring know he better get here soon. He has one week to arrive, and if he doesn't show his warm, little face to Pennsylvania, he will be unfashionably late, and I just won't stand for it.

Have a great Saturday evening and a blessed Sunday everybody!


grndmom/pop said...

well,u r your mother's daughter when it comes to KFE mmmmm :)--just the smell is heavenly!...go JOEY!....and you should weigh an xtra 50 lbs w/those sweets -- I think/look @ them & gain!!! :---(U & Todd hv the genes from pp/mm's side--unfortunately, Sher & Tara not!) *Miss have become a feisty 2yr old!! luv,mom/grndmom

Jersey Mama said...

Ahhh, the nap-fighting. Fun times, fun times.

I totally, completely, 100% agree with you about coffee. It is the elixer of life! lol :)

*i don't want no scrubs* said...

you are not alone, my dear nanette. my son started fighting naps a couple of weeks ago. i think he just doesn't want to miss out on anything...but ay yi yi he screams and cries like his room is on fire! and like you said...once he falls asleep it's usually 2-3 hours, so he definitely needs it. all i can say is, be strong girl!!! :)