Saturday, March 28, 2009

wild hats

My mom gave these cute animal hats to the kids.

(ignore the big spot on his shirt from a misguided blob of applesauce)

She purchased them at A.C. Moore for a dollar and said that there were a few other animals to choose from. I think they would make cute party favors for an animal themed party, or maybe a non-candy item for an Easter basket.

They are made of that craft foam material, but have held up since Wednesday, which is pretty good for something Katie has her hands on.

Thanks Mom, and happy Saturday to you all!


Alison said...

My girls had the lion and elephant hat from A.C. Moore. They loved them!

grndmom/pop said...

they didn't have a big variety when I was there -- lots of rabbits & ducks. Maybe they will restock ??? luv, mom -- glad they're enjoying them :) pss: didn't think our Grayson would want to prance around as a bunny ha-ha!! I'd like to find a horse for Gavin.

Dear Abbi said...

So adorable!