Monday, March 16, 2009

waves, water, weird. very weird.

Last night, I had a dream that I was sitting with my mom on the side of a mountain, watching people ski and sled down the mountain on the other side of the valley. We were discussing how the snow was still on the ground up on the mountain, but how back home it had all melted. Suddenly we looked over at the other mountain to see that in an instant all the snow had melted and a wave of water was washing down the mountain, through the valley and toward us. (I believe my brain was borrowing some special effects from Deep Impact at this point.) I raced to find Katie who was off playing by herself, grabbed her, and clung to a tree as the wave of water washed over my head. After the water stopped, I found a frightened, but unharmed, ten-year-younger version of my brother who had not been able to get to my dad during the melted snow mayhem, but had now found him and was shaking his head in disbelief. We were all a bit shocked, but relieved that no one was hurt or washed away. I then thought to myself, "This is the coolest thing I will ever blog about!"

I woke up moments later.

Do you realize how weird I am, people? In a dream where my life and the lives of many loved ones are in danger, a second after I realize we are all okay, my most joyful thought is that I will have something cool to blog about.


Am I that desperate for excitement? Are the dishes and laundry leaving me that wanting for a thrill? Do I need a life or death experience to keep you coming back to read about my days, or will my simple life be enough?

I hope so. Because it might not be thrilling, but my life leaves me tired enough at the end of the day without running away from rushing walls of water.



Anne said...

Funny! Very, very funny:)

Anonymous said...

Haha, great post!It brought a needed smile to my face:-).

Musing Truth said...

It is almost as though your head knew you were dreaming and told you you would have something cool to blog about when you woke up. (I think you'll know what I mean b/c we're sisters, but reading the sentence does sound a little odd) Anyway, I'm jealous b/c I always have awesome dreams and wish I could remember as much of mine as you just wrote about!!

No No Nanette said...

It is rare for me to remember that much about my dreams.

And I do understand what you mean:)

grndmom/pop said...

in this case, maybe not my daughters!! girls are crazy! a blog post !! I'd be uptight, wondering & WORRIED --just one of my biggest sins :( -- what does it mean? where is everyone? are they all safe? etc. (maybe you didn't have time to worry or think about worrying 'cuz you were tooooo excited about blogging :) luv ya, mom

Becky said...

Maybe the thrill you experienced in the dream was answered prayer. Before I fell asleep last night, I prayed that God would give you a break from the mundane and provide you some good excitement in the routine of your life. :) So there! You're welcome. :)

CrowellsNest said...

I definitely can see some hidden meanings here... first, let me get my crystal ball, oh, and your palm. okay, i see that you have gotten over some BIG challenges in your life and yet there is MORE to come--unknown. And, that scares you. Yes? And, while your mind might be engaged on your kids and life today, you still reflect on the impact of your past... your deep childhood... your responsibility to your brother is comparable to the responsibility you see in... oh, i'd go on, but it will have to cost you. sorry to leave you hanging, but how much is it worth to you? :)

look tooo the skyyyy.....LOOK TO THA SKYYYYYYYYYY!!!! *very high pitched singing* said...

leave it to katie thompson (well, that's as i knew her) to say something hilarious like that :) hahaha! i don't have a blog, so i can't totally relate. i think you always have interesting things to blog about! hahaha! u r too funny!

Tiffany said...

That was great! I can't believe you were thinking of blogging - I think you ought to do something crazy like sky know...just to add some excitement.... hahaha