Monday, March 23, 2009


I just finished making snickerdoodles with the kids. Joey was an excellent dough-ball shaper, while Katie's skills limited her to rolling her little bits of dough into snakes. Joey then enjoyed rolling the balls in the cinnamon and sugar. I made Katie's snakes into a couple balls that she then rolled in pink sugar so we could tell hers apart from the others. (She has a cough and we are trying to avoid eating her mucus-doodles.)

My mom would make snickerdoodles with me when I was a little girl. She would give me one plate of cinnamon and sugar, and one plate of colored sugar for rolling. I loved shaping the dough into balls, rolling them in brightly colored sugar, and then watching the result of my play turn into a yummy treat.

Joey was all smiles while helping tonight. It was a chance to imagine my happy face when sharing those good times with my mom, and a chance to enjoy the smiles of the little people God has given me.

"This is fun." I told him.

"This is fun." he agreed.

Good times.

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grndmom/pop said...

funny thing..Grandmom was thinking about making them w/Joey last week. We got tied up w/washing the cars :) (Joey, the cars still shine a bit!)..he rested a bit..and time just escaped me b4 daddy arrived to pu Joey. luv them snickerdoodles :) Please save one for me!