Saturday, January 31, 2009

So it's Saturday

I have really had nothing much to say this week, hence the few posts and simple subject matter. So here is a little this and that to round out my week of ho-hum blogging:

  • It has been a long work week for my husband, but the Lord has answered prayers and accomplished what needed to be done at Adam's place of work.

  • Tomorrow Adam does not have to work, and we begin a month of teaching Jr. Church for the four and five-year-olds. This means we will be Joey's teacher and be able to see just how rowdy he is when he is with his best friend of the same name. I have been told it makes it easy to rein them in when they get a little too rambunctious, since "Joeys!" is all that needs to be said.

  • The favorite game of the week for Joey has been Hide and Seek the Dinosaurs. Joey and I take turns hiding and seeking the plastic dinosaurs he got from his grandmom for Christmas. Why does this game become boring to me so much more quickly than it does for him?

  • Today Joey told me, "Mom, when you wear that shirt, it fills my heart with joy." Who knew a burnt orange, v-neck, long sleeve shirt had such powers.

  • When Adam left for work today, Katie told him, "I yah you ah much!" Translation: I love you so much! She talks more and more every day. She had her first cup of hot cocoa this week, and quickly said, "Wan moh cocoa!" (want more cocoa) as soon as the first cup was finished. Putting together three words so masterfully earned her a second cup.

  • I turned the heat up to 66 degrees today, 67 yesterday, and I don't care who knows it!

  • I have had the scrapbook urge the past few days, but I cannot scrapbook because all my pictures are just billions of pixels filling up my hard drive. Since Katie's second birthday is in a month and I haven't even begun her first year album, I would say it is time to get some photos printed.

  • Katie brought me the lion costume today saying, "ooo, ooo, ah, ah?" meaning, "Can you put this monkey costume on?" She is supposed to be a lion. She thinks she is a monkey. I think she is beautiful.

(scabby lip and all)

Happy Saturday, everybody.


Anne said...

I love how your burnt orange shirt filled Joey's heart with joy!!! That made me smile:).

Johanna said...

The "fills my heart with joy" part cracked me up! I wuv Joey sooo much. And Kate is beautiful in her ooh ooh ahh ahh costume :-)