Saturday, January 24, 2009

Full cuteness disclosure

To quote my husband:

"She's cute now, but when she was first born, she was hideous."

Now, don't go thinking my husband is cruel and heartless. Katie did have a certain "look" about her. She had a bright pink stork bite on her forehead, a smooshed nose that took a while to un-smoosh, hair that stood straight up, and her eyes would often go crossed. In spite of all these features, I still thought she was cute -- kind of like a baby gorilla. She wasn't a beautiful baby with delicate, girly features, but rather, my cute little monkey.

Here is proof.

And here is the kicker, the one that makes even a tender-hearted mother agree that maybe calling her "cute" was a bit of a stretch. It is perhaps more accurately described as enjoyably funny-looking.

Oh my, she was funny-looking. But the smooshed, chubby nose, paired with the slightly crossed eyes still somehow comes across as cute to me. Maybe it is one of those faces only a mother could love (or find a shred of cuteness in).


Dear Abbi said...

Aww, she was a cute, little monkey!! I love it! And does she look like Tara's baby pictures, or am I remembering something incorrectly?

Musing Truth said...

She was/is adorable!! And Ro recognized her - she saw the pics and said "Katie" so she must still resemble herself! lol!

Si said...

OH, the poor little girl is going to read Mommy's blog one day and find that she called her a Gorilla! hahaha Katie you are cute, that's for sure!

Si said...

oops that last comment was Tiffany not Si - I didn't know I was signed in under him :-D

grndmom/pop said...

grandmom says you looked like Cioci Sherrie & YOUR mom!! & they were just adorable! What baby doesn't cross their eyes? Kate... you are be...utiful! &..grndpop never called them little monkeys..unless they were up to something!

Banana Spliff said...

But she is the most adorable monkey ever!!! I miss that tiny little monkey! She is getting too big! But I especially love those big monkey hugs that she so freely gives to her Aunt Spwiffy :) I cherish them forever! They warm my soul!