Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How clean am I?

Under my stove today I found:

2 matchbox cars
an Olive Garden coupon expired in August
a Sensodyne coupon
1 1/2 crayons
2 wooden beads
a bouncy ball
silver Christmas ornament
my husband's house key (have been wondering where that was)
a child's fork
1 dirty napkin
some caramel corn
a toy traffic pylon
dust, crumbs, and coffee grounds

The sad thing is, I sent out a similarly long and embarrassing list to some girlfriends for an "under the oven challenge" just four months ago.

So I suppose the challenge is on again -

No No Nanette presents the official

2009 Under the Oven Challenge

Who is brave enough to post what is lurking under your oven?
Go exploring under your oven and post the list on your blog (and link back here if you feel like sharing some linky love), or spill the beans in a comment below.

Maybe we will even vote on a winner -- we'll see how many accept the challenge.

Have some dirty fun!


Katina said...

Here's my link to my oven challenge. I think it was 2008, though. I hope I'm not disqualified. :)

My Bright Corner said...

You're clean because you have cleaned under your oven at least twice in the past year. :)

Dear Abbi said...

I need to have Scott pull our oven out. I nowhere near strong enough. Plus I'm scared of the spooky natural gas line. I'm always paranoid that I'm going to distrupt something and odorless natural gas is going to silently fill our house. I have issues.

Yay for you for cleaning underneath yours twice in a year. That's almost as many times as we cleaned underneath ours the whole time we lived in our old house. :)

Jersey Mama said...

You mean I'm supposed to clean under there before I move out of this apartment?