Monday, January 19, 2009

last year

I love this photo. I didn't pose them, but just happened to have my camera at the right time to catch this moment.

Katie is so much bigger already. The time goes so quickly. Babies are born, loved ones pass into eternity, and day after day life just keeps going, never stopping.

I don't have the power to make it stop or rewind. I just have today. A day full of lots of moments. Some moments are the same as so many I experience every other day. Some moments are completely unexpected. And then some moments take my breath away and fill me up with so much love, it comes oozing out my tear ducts.

I won't have my camera to record every moment; but I hope I see them when they happen, and keep them safely in my heart.

And give thanks for each and every one.


Jackie's World said...

Awe - such cuteness!

Katina said...

So true, so true! What a great picture.