Saturday, December 27, 2008

That's the spirit

My original plan was to go to the mall on Christmas Eve to use my $10 off a $10 purchase coupon at JCP to get Adam a gift or stocking stuffer of some sort, that wouldn't require spending any of his money (since I have no income), but then the weather was so yucky, and I decided it just wasn't worth it. Instead we sat around, relaxing, watching a little of "The Christmas Story" here and there, and in the evening went to church for a Christmas Eve service which was a very nice way to segue into Christmas morning. At the start of the day, I was not feeling the Christmas feeling, but by the evening it started to creep in. You can't take your daughter to church in a red velour dress with a white fake fur collar and not feel a little Christmas-y.

When we got home from church we let Joey open one of his stocking presents. It was just a little yellow Hot Wheels. He has a bunch of cars already. He still squealed with delight. Joey never lets me down in that way. He is always very impressed, thankful, and heavy on the "awesome!" and "cool!". When I put him to bed he removed that last link of his Countdown-to-Christmas chain. Every night in December it has been a very big deal to remove one of those links. He was so thrilled to remove the last link, but then a little disappointed that there wasn't any chain left to look at while he fell asleep. As I snuggled with him for a little bit he told me to make sure I tell Dad that in the morning, it is okay for him to wake Daddy up, because it's Christmas, so it doesn't matter. I dutifully relayed the message.

I woke up Christmas morning to a tickle on my leg, which I tried to shake off before I looked down to see it was Joey. "It's Christmas, Mom. Wake up." So I pulled him into bed, over me, and onto Adam, and I told him to tell Daddy. I think it was around 7:30, not too early, but I didn't want to be the only parent up telling him to wait to enjoy the zeal of our son.

We open presents first, because it is just so hard to wait through breakfast. Joey was the super excited present opener, and Kate was careful and thorough. It was really fun watching them both. Joey's most requested toy was a bow and arrow.

In the past two days, the most enjoyed toy of his is the little Wall-E figure. He loves that movie, (I really like it too) and I knew he and his imagination would enjoy the little robot.

I didn't get Katie too much (she's not even two yet-- she doesn't know what she's not getting), and it's hard to say what her favorite is. She liked her new train engine.

(you can see the little boo-boo on her hand from where they put the i.v. in - lovely Christmas memory)

She also likes the books Daddy got for her, as books are her favorite thing at the moment. The play mixer that works when the button is pushed seemed to interest her as well.

Having these two great kids and giving them things that they enjoy and make them happy is really special. Joey thought every single present was great, and would thank us, and tell us he loved it. I wanted to be there in the moment, taking it all in and putting it in a place in my brain where I would be able to forever remember the thrill of Christmas morning to a four-year-old. But without meaning to, I thought of how quickly he won't be this little boy anymore, how soon his voice won't be high-pitched and shrilly when he opens a special gift, and how too soon I will have to wake him up on Christmas morning --and my eyes teared up. It is the terrible trouble I face as a mother - loving them right now as they are, and dreading them ever changing and getting older. I know I'll love him for what he is next year, but this year he was just so stinkin' cute - it will be hard to match.

My husband is my best friend and my partner in raising these two children, and that fills my cup to overflowing with joy. I love that Christmas gives me a time to just sit down, and remember, and be thankful for how really great I have it and how really blessed I am by the God of the Universe. I have had hard times, and I know I can't escape what trials the future holds, but right now, it is good. And I am joyful. And there may not be peace on earth, but there is peace in my heart, and in my home. And that makes for a very merry Christmas.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shoadow of turning. James 1:17

...much more they which receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ. Romans 5:17


Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful post Nanette...MSS

Dear Abbi said...

Great post, Nanette! Love the first pic of Joey. :)

Dear Abbi said...

It looks like we were both suffering from the non-Christmasy spirit on the Eve...I blogged about that earlier, too. Thank the Lord that He restores when we are down.

Katina and I went to Bon-Ton on the 26th and I used that crazy, "can't find anything to buy" coupon on a Fiesta dinnerplate...I got it for 50 cents! I didn't really "need" one, but I'm sure one is bound to break around here.

Kay said...

Aww your kiddos are cute. Your tree was also beautiful!