Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Joey's prayers

Joey's prayers are some of the sweetest things, and sometimes funny too. Back in October when we were reading various months-of-the-year books, Joey was introduced to the concept of trick-or-treating. Costumes and candy in the same night--what a fantastic idea to a four-year-old. We were not going to trick-or-treat, nor had I suggested we would, but I guess Joey figured we were. So one night Joey's prayer at dinner included, "Lord, please help Halloween to get here soon!" My guess is that that may have been the first time the heavens heard that prayer.

He is also very grateful for various things such as "all the creatures in the forest" and that "Daddy has a job to pay the bills so that we have all the things we have."

And sometimes, my son prays for miracles. Over the weekend, after seeing part of an interview with Barack Obama, Joey ended his dinner prayer with, "And please help John McCain to still be our new president. In Jesus name, amen."

Amen, Joey.

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