Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just what I always wanted

On Christmas Eve, Adam took Joey to Wal-Mart to pick out a gift for me. Adam asked Joey what he thought he should get me. Joey decidedly answered, "I know -- a church skirt!" Now, it is true, that just about every Sunday I do complain that I do not have enough skirts to wear to church in the winter. Adam, however, wisely told Joey that choosing a church skirt for Mama would be very difficult.

So he asked him what else he could think of to get Mama that wasn't clothes. Joey thought a moment and then said, "I know -- a church shirt!" Now, it may also be true that I also complain just about every Sunday that I don't have enough shirts to wear to church in the winter, but again Adam wisely told Joey that it is better if Mama picks out her own church clothes.

So Adam walked around the store, hoping Joey would spot something he thought would be right for me. Adam said as soon a Joey saw it, he was convinced it was the perfect gift. He claimed he saw it in a commercial and was sure I could use it because we always have bananas. The gift:

I love that Joey picked it out and thought it would be "perfect". And I love that Joey was so excited when I was opening it that he almost told me what it was before I pulled all the wrapping paper off. It will proudly hang my bananas as long as it lasts, because it's true, we always have bananas.

Now, to be perfectly honest, while I love my banana hanger, a banana hanger isn't what I always wanted. But I have a husband. A wonderful husband. A wonderful husband who read my post about how much I love Marshalls. So this (very generous) gift solves my winter wardrobe dilemma, and provides guilt free shopping at my favorite store:

To some, a gift card may seem a bit cold and impersonal, but to me, that little plastic card is just what I always wanted.

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Dear Abbi said...

I agree, gc's are always the right size and color. :) Especially ones to Marshall's.