Wednesday, December 3, 2008

O Christmas Tree

We decorated the tree last night. Actually, we finished decorating. Adam brought the tree up from the basement on Thursday, and Joey decided it needed snow. He found a piece of batting, tore it into smaller pieces and placed them on the tree (right at his height, on one side of the tree). For Thanksgiving dinner, all the tree had was lights and a bit of "snow" to great our guests.
On Saturday, I brought up the decoration boxes, and Joey found a bit more batting, or "fluff" as he calls it. While I was in the kitchen, he worked by himself and did a good job of covering most of the tree with his snow. He ran into the kitchen when he was done to show me the "beautiful tree!" As he proudly showed me his handiwork, he explained, "I had to throw it to get it up on the top."

He likes it so much, we have kept it on the tree. It's very unique;), but I know a whole lot of Joey-love went into it.
Yesterday we hung the ornaments.
Joey helped

and Katie helped

and then Katie "helped" some more.

The finished productHappy Decorating everybody!

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