Sunday, December 21, 2008

Keeping warm

With the snow and ice we have had this weekend, Joey has asked "Mom, bungle me up so I can go outside and play!" many times. So I "bungled" him up, nice and cozy, many times. As I watched him play in the snow, and slip into the wonderful world a four-year-old's imagination can take him, I thought about everything he had to keep him warm:

  • Snow pants - $2 from Salvation Army.
  • Coat - given to me by my sister (somehow with three boys of her own she had a coat to spare)
  • Boots - hand-me-down from my friend Katie.
  • Hat - Adam's (Joey has a rather large head)
  • Mittens - the ones I bought for Katie at Marshalls for $4 (he does have his own pair that I got for about a dollar at JCP with my $10 coupon, but those make it difficult for him to make snowballs.)
Joey is able to have fun this winter for just a few dollars. I am thankful to have friends, family, and second hand stores to provide these snow clothes reruns.

And I am thankful that although I wish I could have taken a full snowy day photo shoot, the kids stood still long enough for me to take at least one picture.

And I am thankful that there are no fashion police in my backyard to comment on Katie's lovely outfit.

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