Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday, Monday

(Warning: the following post is a boring recap of my day - feel free to ignore. I am feeling chatty today with no one to chat with but my unfortunate readers.)

It's Monday again. Time to recover from Sunday, which has the strange ability to leave most of my house trashed, the sink full of dishes, and stuff everywhere. The ideal Monday would be a day of cleaning and organizing to start the week off right; but grocery shopping has found its home on my Monday.

Adam isn't home from work until 9 o'clock on Mondays, so it is a good day to be out all morning, because if I get behind, I have until 9 to catch up. So on my weekly schedule, I have written for Monday:
- grocery shop
- coupons
- library or fun

I know that doesn't possibly sound like enough to fill an entire day, but somehow it does (which speaketh volumes of my skills as productive homemaker). Grocery shopping isn't 45 minutes inside one store. Grocery shopping is hitting many stores for the best deals at each. Today's trip was Weis, Walgreens, Giant, and then Wegman's. Joey and Kate come along, and I am sure they wish they were doing something much more fun the whole time. Joey is a great shopper since he has been doing this for 4 years now. Kate is pretty good too, though she usually has some tears at our last store, which is most often Wegman's, so the people there probably think she is a terrible child, or I am a terrible mother, or both.

I am home around 12:30, then lunch, unpack, get kids down for naps and then it is 3 o'clock already. Then I get to the coupon part of the list and clip and sort my q's from that week, and discard any expired ones, and put away all weekly fliers and coupon holders into their bin. That is usually followed by some time wasted on the computer with a cup of coffee, then I will get dinner prep going.

We eat around 5-5:30. If it is library night, we locate all the books and CDs, I log all the ones we have read, and head off to the library while Adam's dinner is in the oven. We drive to the library which takes me through some of the beautiful old homes in the city that I admire every time we pass by. We then return our gazillion books, pick out a gazillion more, I say "quiet voices!" a gazillion times, and head home. Katie is usually ready for bed then, so I get her down. I finish up Adam's dinner and clean any kitchen mess. I then unpack the books with Joey, reading him the titles of all the ones I picked out so he knows what they are.

Soon it is 9, Adam is home, he eats and hangs out with Joey for a little bit. I put Joey to bed, and around 10 is time with Adam until bedtime around midnight.

And that is my Monday. That is how three tasks fill up my whole day. You were all wondering, I'm sure.


Anne said...

At least Kate cries at the same store every time, rather than all the stores:). Thanks for sharing - that was pretty interesting:).

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha, sounds fun:-)! Not boring at all!

Dear Abbi said...

Sounds familiar. So how do you do this logging of the library books, do share...

No No Nanette said...

Right now I just have a notebook where I write the title, author, illustrator and corresponding themes or units. I started it so I would have a record of "preschool" with Joey (tangible proof that I actually DO something in the course of a week), but also so I would start the habit of keeping records.

I want to make it into a simple spreadsheet, (which would be a better use of my time instead of doing double work) so I can easily sort by author, theme, etc., but I keep putting it off since I am a terrible typist. :P