Saturday, July 18, 2009


We made this poster yesterday to welcome Adam home after he had been away for two weeks to participate in a corporate training program in Columbus, Ohio.

The kids each picked out a piece of poster board to make their daddy a welcome home poster. Katie picked out the red, but when it came time to create, she fizzled out after the little orange scribble at the bottom of the board, so I helped her finish. Don't you love how the tracing of my right foot highlights my beautiful bunion? Ick.

Joey picked out yellow and on one side drew a picture of a huge ocean liner, and on the other he inscribed a lovely message to tape to the front door to greet Adam when he arrived home.

Obviously there was a slight lack of forethought as he began the greeting, but Adam had no doubt that he was indeed welcome. And Adam was certain that the poster was truly intended for him because Joey was sure to write Dad M. It really is best to include a last name initial when welcoming your dad into his own home, just in case another dad would come to the door and see the poster and be confused.

So, welcome home Dad M. Our family just isn't complete without you.


Dear Abbi said...

I think the M. has to do with being in class with another Joey for a year. I see the P. behind names way more than I ever did this last year. It's cute when my Joey does the same thing, like signs his cards to me... "Joey P." ... as if I was wondering which Joey a "Happy Birthday Mommy" card came from. :)

Kay said...

haha those are just too cute Nan!

Rachel said...

That was such a cute "we missed you" sign! :)

Becky said...
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Becky said...

Ha-ha! I read Joey's sign as "Well come home Dad" That's probably an appropriate interpretation too considering how long he was away. And you are such a thoughtful wife!

grndmom/pop said...

I remember when Todd signed some of his cards with his last mom/dad were wondering?? Todd whoooo? ha!ha!