Tuesday, July 14, 2009

pool in a cooler

What perfectly normal, not weird activities do your children find to do on a beautiful summer evening?

Catch fireflies?
Ride bikes up and down dusky sidewalks?
Relax on a blanket and watch the stars come out?

My children fill up a cooler with the dirty water that has been in the kiddie pool for far too long

jump in with their clothes on

and enjoy!

Which is why I ask what normal and not weird things your children do, because very rarely do my children do the normal thing, and very often they are weird. I'm pretty weird too, so we make great company. (I don't jump in coolers full of dirty pool water though.)

1 comment:

Katina said...

My kids catch bees and bugs in tupperwares. I currently have at least 3-4 tupperwares with live or dead bugs in them on my countertop. I had a beetle on my table yesterday, and I had the uncanny experience of finding one of my rolling pins floating in the dirty brown water of the kiddie pool...gotta love summertime!