Tuesday, July 7, 2009

on the cob

It is summer. Corn on the cob is certainly a yummy summer treat. Corn straight from the farm (or from the bin sitting in the produce section at your local Giant supermarket.) Either way, yum.

And because photos of my children eating corn are much more cute than pictures of me eating corn, I give you these:

Kate started on the cob

but quickly decided the grab and shove method was much more efficient.

Joey was actually telling an animated story in the first shot, but that was basically how excited he was to eat the corn.

After we were done dinner, I cut the corn off five more cobs. Any creamed corn, corn casserole, corn-y favorite recipes I should make with it? Please tell me all about it.


hereford heffer said...

um....i don't cook. but i make a MEAN bag of popcorn.... that's my suggestion. oh btw, i ran into your sister today in giant! how crazy is that?

again...hereford heffer said...

....by sister i mean tara ;) hahaha!