Monday, July 6, 2009


So I said I would let you know about the big change in our family, and a week later I am finally getting around to it.

The big change is......................................we are getting a new health insurance provider!

(Ok, not such a big change, but there's more)

And.......................Adam ordered new business cards! And...........Adam's work hours have changed from all sorts of long nights to now 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. And Adam's commute only takes five minutes now instead of twenty-five. And I am sure by now you have guessed that Adam got a new job!!!!!!!!

That might not seem like such a big change, but for our family it is. But more than a big change, it is a big answer to prayer, and a big display of God's grace and blessing on our family.

Adam had worked at his previous job for seven years, and for seven years it provided for our family's needs, provided health care, put us in a place to build our current home, and for most of that time, was where we believed God wanted Adam to be. Adam used his position as much as possible to be a witness and testimony for Christ. The hours, however, were long. Every Monday and Wednesday Adam wasn't home until nine o'clock, and most Fridays he was also home between eight and nine. Saturday he was scheduled until six, but would often have to stay later. It was a schedule we were accustomed to and had made work for our family, but as the kids got bigger, it was more difficult to be satisfied with three days a week of very little time for the kids to see their daddy, and little time for Adam to be with his kids.

We were always happy to have our family day on Thursday, Adam's day off, but after he became manager, we started to not have that on the last week of every month. In addition to the work environment becoming more crazy and stressful, and the opportunity for advancement coming to an end, the time away from family prompted Adam to begin to look for other opportunities that would provide a position with room for advancement, more hours at home in the long run, as well as a job that would allow him to still be a witness and have a sphere of influence.

To make a long story short, Adam had his first interview in February, and through much prayer, help and guidance from some wise friends and family, lots of hard work and study, and most certainly with the grace and mercy of God, Adam started his new job last week! We both give all the praise and glory to the Lord.

Last week he was home just a few minutes after five every night! That might not seem like it deserves an exclamation point, but in my life it does :) And he had off on Friday because Saturday was a holiday, something that would have never happened at his old job. It has been so wonderful! Our time in the evening as a family is relaxed and unrushed. Adam has been able to help me out with some tasks he had never had time for before. The kids love having their daddy around more, especially Joey, who loves his dad more than anything.

I have just read over this post and it really doesn't do a great job of conveying how thankful I am for this blessing of God, and what an exciting time this is for us. It is wonderful, it really, really is, and if I were a better writer, you would have a better grasp of how I am feeling, but I am not a better writer, so I hope my mediocre explanation gives you just enough to know that this is a change, it is big (to us), and we are happy.

The LORD hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.
Psalm 126:3


Dear Abbi said...

Yay! So happy for you guys!

Jersey Mama said...

Congratulations and praise the Lord for Daddy!

Jersey Mama said...

hahaha the comment above originally read "Congratulations and praise the Lord for Daddy being home" but then I decided to omit the last four words ... but didn't backspace far enough. And it looks funny so I'm not deleting it.


Congratulations and praise the Lord!

Kelly said...

God is so good! AWESOME praise, mama! Congratulations to the whole family!!!!

Katina said...

Yippeee!!! I was so happy for you when you had Adam with you on a Wednesday night! I did a double take..."hey, why's he here!?!"

Soooo exciting!!!!

kellz said...

so wonderful! i completely understand how you feel! i was managing a finance department for 6 1/2 years, and just quit in jan to go part time. some weeks i would work nearly 80 hours or was really tough. now, i get home around 3:30 and i have so much more time with my family. it makes a HUGE difference! i am so happy for you guys! what great news!!!