Thursday, July 2, 2009

crafting excellence

Katie's discovery of the joy of glue has produced beauties such as this:


You're underwhelmed?

You don't consider a popsicle stick, four cotton balls, some torn-up pieces of a Klondike bar wrapper, and two water ice wooden spoons glued to an almost whole piece of construction paper crafting greatness?

Well, you are entitled to your own opinion.

Just don't tell Katie. I told her it was beautiful, and she believed me.


Becky said... is beautiful! Besides, its the PROCESS not the product that matters!! :)

Philly Chica said...

still no big family news??? sigh.... :)

grndmom/pop said...

I once knew of a little girl such as Kate, hmmmm!? that put all sorts of paper things -or-somethin' and created a beautiful art work :)