Tuesday, July 28, 2009

sounds perfectly reasonable

Yesterday evening I was folding laundry on my bed while Joey was in the tub in our master bathroom. He was having a great time splashing around with his plastic dinosaur figures. Ranny, the tyrannosaurus rex, was getting the most play time as Joey made him perform acrobatic dives into the tub again and again. It was great entertainment while I folded the laundry. Then there was a break in the splashes, a quiet moment, and I hear:

"Mom, do they kill baby dinosaurs and then paint them to make these toys?"

Can you just imagine those cold-hearted dinosaur farmers painting all the poor, slaughtered dino-babies? I mean, you'd think there would be an easier, more humane and cost-effective way to produce toys for all the dinosaur loving children in the world.

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Kelly said...

I think I just peed on the floor. :o) That is TOO CUTE!