Thursday, May 28, 2009


So it has been thirty-one years since I was born.

Here are thirty-one bullets, my present to you dear readers, because you deserve something too.

  • I am thinking about Cici's for dinner tonight. Adam works late, and I just don't feel like cooking for myself. I love pizza. It's cheap. And I do so enjoy all the "Hi! Welcome to Cici's!"
  • Our library books are due.
  • I need to mow the front lawn which is full of clover flowers. I never got my weed and feed down because I am a little wary of being in contact with all those chemicals while pregnant.
  • It is my birthday, so if at 11 this morning I was still in my jammies eating a second breakfast of two eggs over medium with a piece of toast and some potato chips, that is my prerogative. :)
  • If you are in your first trimester and are prone to bouts of nausea at night, it is not wise to eat a few handfuls of Skittles at 9 p.m.
  • When your dishwasher doesn't work, you realize just how much you love having a dishwasher.
  • My sink and counter are full of dirty dishes.
  • I made smitten kitchen's Broccoli Slaw for our Memorial Day cook out. It was simple and delicious. Adam liked it with extra dried cranberries. If you like broccoli, you should give it a try.
  • During the course of my normal life, I hardly ever watch tv during the day, but during my pregnancies when I am tired and resting in the middle of the day, I cannot get enough Food Network. I love cooking shows. Bobby Flay, Ina Garten, Tyler Florence (to just name a few)- you thrill me with your culinary creations. Veal Piccatta, toasted orzo, cheese danish...I want to make (and eat) it all!
  • So this list, which I am trying to make unrelated is turning out to have quite a few bullets pertaining to food. I am a crazy, food-obsessed pregnant lady, it's true. I am having more cravings this pregnancy than all the others combined. Fritos, soft tacos, potato chips, pepperoni pizza, and hoagies have been some of the biggest cravings so far. It seems as though salty foods reign supreme.
  • I just renewed my library books online (how convenient) because I realized that after Katie wakes up from her nap, it would be tough to squeeze in both Cici's and the library. I don't want to cramp my pizza binging time at Cici's. We can do the library tomorrow.
  • I am not having twins. I always worry that I might be, and then am completely relieved to see just one little gummy bear in there.
  • For some reason Joey has decided that Windex is called WindowWax. I am going along with it.
  • Two little birds have built a nest on top of one of my shutters on the front porch. I climbed our ladder and found one peanut M&M-sized white egg nestled inside the nest. I am keeping my ear out for tiny baby bird cheeps.
  • Irises are my favorite flower. When Natalie died, a friend brought over a bunch over mini, deep purple colored irises to plant in my yard. The following years, I was so pleased when they would start to bloom right around her birthday. When we moved out of that house, I sadly didn't dig any up. My neighbor across the street has the same irises at the end of his driveway. I am sure he could spare a few...
  • I have buttermilk in my fridge right now, left over from making the dressing for the aforementioned broccoli slaw. I never have buttermilk on hand (I usually "make" my own by adding lemon juice or vinegar to regular milk) and am pondering my cooking/baking options. Should I make some buttermilk pancakes, or biscuits? Or I could really go for a coffeecake. What do you make with your buttermilk?
  • Katie still takes a three hour nap everyday. On Monday she did not nap when we had company over for our cookout. It was a day to realize just how thankful I should be for that three hour nap. All-day-awake-Katie is not as much fun as well-rested-Katie. You can trust me on this one.
  • I want Photoshop. I don't like to spend money. This is a dilemma.
  • There are four pairs of scissors in my pen and pencil jar on my computer desk. You can never have enough scissors.
  • I may not be much of a dancer, but Katie, Joey and I make one groovy peepee-on-the-potty conga line.
  • Last year, my husband threw me a wonderful surprise party at a local restaurant for my thirtieth birthday. It was awesome, and one of the sweetest things he has ever done. I secretly, well maybe not quite secretly, wanted a party (selfish girl that I am) and he came through in an amazing way. He even bought the soundtrack to Pride and Prejudice to play as background music, and had irises and sunflowers as the centerpieces. He thought of everything! I love him so much.
  • Snorkeling with sea turtles is probably one of the coolest things I have ever done.
  • Birthing my babies is the most incredible. God made a woman's body to do amazing things.
  • I already have a wee little baby bump. It has not required the maternity clothes bin to be raided, and you probably wouldn't notice it if you saw me, but it's there. At 10 weeks along, this is early for the bump to begin compared to my other pregnancies. I have high hopes that this doesn't mean I will be huge this time.
  • I am so hungry and dreaming about all the pizza I will eat tonight.
  • Sunflowers has been my perfume of choice since high school, which means I have been wearing the same scent for about 14 years. I really like it, and it's cheap.
  • Just this year I have started wearing Lucky You occasionally because Adam likes it and bought me some for Christmas. See, I can change.
  • In June or July a new Target will be completed about ten minutes away from me. This is good news.
  • There will also be a Cici's. This is bad news.
  • Blogging has made me realize how much i use the word just. I must delete about 14 justs before I publish every post. I sound like Bear Grylls, for goodness's sake!
  • 14,000 is my choice number of exaggeration. Unless it would seem ridiculous as in the last bullet where I shortened it to just 14 (see I just can't stop using just - ack! it is some sort of disease!) Phrases where 14,000 is acceptable: "We have watched that movie 14,000 times!" or "You have already told me that 14,000 times!" or "There are 14,000 containers without lids in the cabinet."

Well, I hope you enjoyed your bullets. I will be enjoying my pizza in just a little bit. It is a happy birthday indeed!


Musing Truth said...

I identify with the numbers - I use 16,000 or 16 - isnt that weird? One of those "I will ask Jesus some day questions."

I already called and texted you happy birthday, but I will be the first official post to say,

"Happy Birthday" Love you, dear sister!

Jersey Mama said...

Happy, happy birthday! Enjoy your pizza!

p.s. I use "just" too much also. And "but".

Anonymous said...

This was really cute! I hope you ate your fill of Pizza!

P.S. I re-opened my blog.