Friday, June 5, 2009


Katie has figured out how to climb out of her crib by herself. So now when there is a thunderstorm at four o'clock in the morning she can get out and come in to my room when the thunder awakes her. Or if she is not feeling particularly sleepy at nap time, she will get out and come downstairs and see if I will reconsider. Or when she wakes up in the morning, I can rise to the sounds of her calling my name downstairs while I am still upstairs in my bed.

"Helloooo, Mommy! Where are you?"

If you ask Katie what she does when she wakes up she will say, "Outta crib. Open door. Go outside." Thankfully only the first two statements are accurate. She has not gone outside after letting herself out of her bedroom. Yet.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy! What a stinker!
~Aunt Spliffy

grndmom/pop said...

grandpop would say....hummmmmmm!!!!! :) xoxo

Schwabby Car said...

i laughed so hard at this!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha!