Wednesday, June 17, 2009

a princess and a toad

Katie may love being my beautiful princess, but timid and dainty she is not. On Monday, when Joey, Kate and I were finally getting the last of the vegetable seeds in the garden, Katie enjoyed finding all the worms wriggling around in the dirt. She then walked around with a bunch of worms in both hands -- big, fat-from-living-in-a-compost-pile worms. She was undaunted.

She also didn't mind picking up and carrying around those crunchy, brown centipede-ish bugs (the ones the curl up into a coil when they die), although I did mind just a tiny bit when she brought them into the house to show them to me. I don't really like touching those things, but my sweet girl, was intrigued and pleased to handle all the creepy crawlies.

Today, when I found a toad in the lot next door, I thought she would be interested to check it out, but I soon discovered she was more than interested. She was in love.

(I do believe that is what a toad looks like when he is fearing for his life)

She was in tears when it was Joey's turn to hold the poor little guy. And when it was her turn to have a chance to make the toad's life flash before his eyes, she loved every second. He survived all the extreme girl-handling and the occasional squeeze-and-drop.

But he got a few kisses out of it, so I think it was worth it.
Even if he didn't turn into a prince.


Dear Abbi said...

There is not an individual in this house who would give so much love to a toad! Way to go Katie!!

Emily said...

I loved these photos!! :) Especially the one of the fearful toad.

Anonymous said...

These pics are just too cute!!! I loved the one of just her hands and the toad!

Oh! And I ate at CiCis today, super cheap pizza.. it was as awesome as you talked it up to be!

Melissa said...

Haha, I really like the way you worded this post :-)

Katie said...

Haha! Too funny! Did she try kissing it? ;)