Saturday, May 2, 2009

big ol' messy mess

With a few weeks of many evenings of Adam home from work after 9, pregnancy fatigue hitting already, a yard sale, my dishwasher's refusal to work, and my general lack of motivation and skill have all contributed to the house being, um, shall we say...gross. Adam is always great about it, and would rather have me rested and happy than the house clean, but well-rested for me doesn't always mean happy if my brain can't relax because of the filth in my face everywhere I go. This is just the playroom.

Every other room is some sort of variation of this visual delight, so I need to get off this computer and get cleaning. Boo.

On a completely unrelated note, we spent a good portion of yesterday at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden. The kids loved it. Katie was surprisingly captivated by the sea life. She was much more interested than I thought she would be.

She enjoyed touching the starfish, and would have touched the sharks in the Touch-a-Shark tank if her little arms were long enough to reach to the bottom where they were resting. Joey enjoyed observing more than touching. His favorite part was the Shark tunnel, the underwater glass tunnel that went through the shark tank. My favorite creatures were the sea turtles and hippos, both surprisingly huge. God's creativity was evident in every display of His aquatic creations. It was an enjoyable day of family time.

Well, off to go clean, wash, put way, straighten up something, anything, everything.

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....

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Rosey Pollen said...

As my kids get older, like 18!,
I miss the days when they used to dance around in old petticoats to funny records and tapes we had. Even though they make messes, kids bless our homes with such ENERGY! I love your pictures of the REAL deal with kids, not some magazine lay out that is fake. Thanks for posting. Love your Blog!