Monday, May 18, 2009

hi, how's it going?

I just wrote a very long (probably too long) post about Joey's birthday, but blogger is not letting me move my photos around in the post. Grr. So I am saying hello, and hoping you are having a marvelous Monday and that you have lots to be thankful and joyful about today.

I finished planted my veggies and herbs today, and I also dug up some sod on the one side of the house where I am extending a bed and planting some boxwoods. Now I am really tired. I am just about caught up on my laundry, and I need to make dinner for the kids. Probably spaghetti. It is 5:30, so I better get going, though Kate is still napping and Joey is outside playing with the neighbors so they aren't desperate for food quite yet.

Have a great evening! Maybe I will get that birthday boy post up later.

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Becky said...

Sounds like you are very productive and getting a lot accomplished in this yucky first trimester! Good for you! My laundry is still not even close to being caught up! One more week to go for me and I can put the first trimester in my past. I'm looking forward to more energy.