Wednesday, March 2, 2011

practically empty

I have no creative juices lately. None. Especially none to blog.

Lately my mind has been filled with the practical.

Like figuring out a plan to really, truly get my house cleaned, even if it is only every two weeks.

And how to make the chore routine run more smoothly with less nagging.

And how to adjust my schedule (which I was getting pretty fond of) to the change Lizzie is making from two naps to one.

And how to be a better friend.

And how to remember to pray for those people who need prayers.

And how to be filled with love and joy so that I don't ever yell at my kids.

And how to make sure I am giving Katie enough time since she is sandwiched between the homeschooler and the baby.

And how to make a ladybug cake.

Well, the last one, once the practical side is all figured out, just may get the creative juices flowing.

And then maybe I will be back with more posts, that may or may not include a photo of a ladybug cake with a 4 candle on it.

Which gets me thinking about how quickly four years goes by.

But that kind of thinking makes me cry, so I'll stop that.

Hope you are having a blessed week.

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