Saturday, March 19, 2011



Last Saturday all three of my home and garden magazines came in the mail. It was quite a nice afternoon coffee break: perusing through paint colors and wall papers, checking out potted plants full of salad greens, and eyeing up interesting antiques.

Looking around my house, it was hard to not chuckle at the disparity between what I saw around me and what was published on the pages.

The magazines displayed no playrooms as visually stimulating as mine.


No step-by-step instructions on how to make a "crystal" and tissue paper centerpiece.


No kitty-enhanced houseplants.


And not one magazine had any fingerprint-and-dust window coverings.


I have been making attempts to be a better housekeeper lately. There is obviously still room for improvement. Much improvement.

It is my struggle in the never-ending battle between housekeeping and homemaking.

And then you throw homeschooling in the mix...

The difficulty is in finding the balance between having an organized home and making a place for a creativity-filled, relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time not making excuses for my laziness or poor planning.

I can try to make a fresh start and find my style.


But ultimately, this is where life happens.
It will never be perfectly clean, but I want everyone to love living here.

So how about you? Are you clean?
Are you cleaner than me? :)

Do you face the struggle between housekeeping and homemaking, or is it no big deal for you?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


Jersey Mama said...

First, I love the plant picture. Ha!

Second, I struggle with both housekeeeping AND homemaking! And we haven't even started the homeschooling yet ...

Every week I make a fresh start. Good thing we never run out of beginnings.

Yours looks like a happy house. :)

Boo & Koala said...

You never fail to make me laugh.....

Dy said...

It gets easier the older they get. :) Kristin H. And I were talking about this several weeks ago. The "3 little kids" stage with home-schooling entering the picture IS hard. But then they grow up and take care of themselves and even *YOU*! :) And PS. Your posts are so funny and exude fun and family <--- super important!

All About The Big Hair said...

:) think everyone struggles with this, and us mommies are especially hard on ourselves in this area. there are days my house looks beautiful, and there are days it looks like there was a huge wrestling match with elmo and his pals all over the house :) you're a great mom! <3