Tuesday, March 8, 2011

katie bug


For her birthday, Kate wanted a ladybug cake with a number 4 candle in it.


I did my best.


I was actually quite pleased. I am not very good at applying smooth icing, but the crazy-huge eyes turned out just the way I wanted them to. It looks like it could be a character on A Bug's Life, and talk with a squeaky, high voice.

Katie specifically asked that the ladybug have bows on her "whiskers."


What she lacks in knowledge of insect anatomy, she made up for in the injestion of artificial food coloring.


Isn't that lovely?

The little ladybug had a strawberry rear, and a chocolate head, also per the birthday girl's request.

Why two flavors?
It makes perfect Katie sense: black head = chocolate cake, red body = strawberry cake.

The ladybug had a delicious demise.


The best part, though, was making Katie happy.

When she first saw the cake in the morning, she was very underwhelmed (which is typical "Katie in the spotlight" behavior). But later in the day she was looking off into space, and I asked her what she was doing.

She replied, "I was just thinking about how much I love my ladybug cake."

That made every minute in the kitchen and every drop of food coloring worth it.


Dear Abbi said...

Oh goodness, the bows on the "whiskers" are too cute! Katie's not a detail-oriented girl, now is she? :) You did a GREAT job and it looks yummy too!

Kay said...


Musing Truth said...

Net, it's awesome! I LOVE it - and you can see Katie's shy/underwhelmed face in the very first pic - love the validation at the end - what an awesome memory!