Monday, November 17, 2008


Since I purchased a few booklets of McDonald's trick-or-treat coupons, we have stopped to get (free) burgers a little more often than usual. Katie quickly learned what those golden arches mean, and when I drive by a McDonald's restaurant she says, "Buhguh, Buhguh!" (Katie speak for burger).

Then last Sunday Katie pointed to an upper case M on the cover of Joey's notebook and said, "Buhguh"! She has since pointed to an m in the text of one of her books, as well as the M in the word May on our months-of-the-year chart and proclaimed "buhguh."

It would figure that Katie's first stroke of genius would have to do with food.

That's my girl!


Dear Abbi said...

Never underestimate the ability of a woman to shop for food. It goes back to that, "she bringeth her food from afar" business.

Katina said...

Like Mother like daughter! The food love is not just a generational thing!

We are cheapskatin' it too and using the free coupons too! I am starting to get emmbarrassed pulling up to the window with a zero balance over and over and over again! :) but not too emmbarrassed to stop! :)

Kay said...

hahaha this is super funny!