Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Meet the enemy

I hardly ever buy chips. The reason being if I buy chips, I eat them. But I made bean soup that was short of extraordinary, and some crushed corn chips were just what it needed.

Do you see how few chips are left in the bag? That is after only two bowls of soup; two bowls of soup and me standing at the counter, eating chip after chip dipped into sour cream while I wait for my soup to reheat. It's terrible, I know.

The fight is on bag of corn chips! I'm on to your salty, crunchy tricks. You can't beat me!

(aren't you glad I posted a photo today, instead of yesterday?
I decided posting photos of dead birds wasn't the best way to lure in new readers)


Musing Truth said...

So funny - I read your post immediatley after eating handfuls and handfuls of pretzels and dip for my late afternoon snack!!

Katina said...

I would love a bowl of chippies right between bowls of ice cream. You know, salty, sweet, salty, sweet... :)

Rachel said...

Yes! You have a blog :) Go You!

Dear Abbi said...

I don't buy chips,except for the rare occasion, for the same reason. They are my nemesis.