Thursday, April 29, 2010

riding the waves

Yesterday was hard. It was like I was trying to build a sandcastle on the beach, but the waves kept rolling in. Just when I would make a little progress, a wave would distract me, or ruin part of my castle, or wash away my bucket and shovel. Everything I tried to do to stop the waves failed. Yelling, crying, pushing them back did nothing to make it easier for me to build my sand castle. So the day became tiresome and irritating.

Today, there are just as many waves. But I have stopped building my sandcastle. There are lots of different ways to spend my time on this beach. Today I am riding those waves. I figure if the waves are going to keep coming, I may as well enjoy them. Today has not been tiresome or irritating. Today has been nice.

Ahhh, feel the sunshine. Smell the salty air. It's good.


Jenni said...

What a beautiful metaphor. I feel the truth and depth of it!

Becky said...

Wow! Way cool insight and perspective!