Monday, October 27, 2008

The air mattress

We are a strange little family with lots of little quirks. One of those is our love of the air mattress. I say our, which includes me, but mostly it would be my husband and kids. It started back in our old house when one new year's eve Adam blew up the air mattress in the living room, and together we watched DVDs way into the morning. Since then, blowing up the air mattress is associated with having a good time.

A couple weekends ago we rented Disney's Swiss Family Robinson for Family Movie Night, so of course, we blew up the air mattress. (And Joey really enjoyed the movie. He was cracking up at the pirate fight at the end.) Yesterday, game 4 of the World Series, Adam all excited to watch the Phillies, so we blew up the air mattress. I had a migraine, so it was also a sickbed in the living room. Not the most relaxing sickbed since Katie just jumped all over me, but still a sickbed.

I have to admit that I often resist when it is suggested we blow the thing up. It is not a night of fun I am against, but the fact that it will linger in the living room for a good three days before it is put away; and a queen size, navy blue air mattress doesn't quite fit into my decorating scheme. So I balk a bit, but never protest, because I know we will have a fun time all hanging out and snuggling together. If company comes over unexpectedly, you just act like it is perfectly normal to have an air mattress sitting in the middle of your living room.

Like one time, when Adam's good friend came over for the first time with his soon-to-be fiance, and there was the air mattress, in all its glory, taking up the entire area of the living room. Soon-to-be fiance must have thought we were a little weird, but was completely gracious and sweet. And yesterday, the cable guy came to hook up our new Internet service. He may have wondered why the air mattress was there, but I don't even offer explanations to complete strangers. He'll just always wonder why.

So tonight is the night that our Phillies will hopefully win it all. This could be it, the chance to actually see a Philadelphia team win a championship in our lifetime! And Adam and I will be watching from his favorite spot: air mattress, bunch of pillows, cozy blanket, on the living room floor.

Go Phillies!!!


Dear Abbi said...

Our love for the air mattress is true and deep, also! We've gone through two of them already, and it is SO TRUE...they take up the WHOLE room. And they just make the kids more hyper, don't they? But having it set up is so much fun!

No No Nanette said...

Yes, air mattress induces hyperness! And since the game was suspended last night, it is still set up in my living room.:)

Dear Abbi said...

Oh dear...hope the air mattress is gone, now that the Phils have finally done it.

I just finished running through all of the bedding from when my FIL was here last week...almost worst than the air mattress itself. Now I need to fold it. :)

No No Nanette said...

Friday morning, and it's still up -getting it out is one of my goals for the day.

Ah, folding bedding - didn't you post about that once?