Saturday, April 16, 2011

better together

A couple weeks ago Adam had a day outing with Joey, so Katie and I had some special "Mommy-Katie" time. In the morning, my mom watched the girls while I kept a commitment at church. Grandmom does much better braids than I do.


After we got home and I put Lizzie to bed, Katie wanted to do crafts together. Katie and Joey do crafts all the time, but they usually do them on their own. We have an abundance of easily accessible supplies at their disposal, so when the mood strikes, they just get out the tape, or glue, or scissors, or beads, or string, or pom-poms, or yarn, or paper, or play-doh, or ribbon and make a mess create beautiful masterpieces.


But for our special "Mommy-Katie" time, Katie wanted me to sit there and do crafty things with her. I love doing crafty things, and I love being with Katie, but I have to admit that it was really hard for me to sit there and focus on our craft, when my brain was thinking about all the laundry and all the picking up and all the dishes I could have been doing while the baby was sleeping and Katie was happily crafting at the kitchen table.


It was hard to stop my never-ending list of things to do in my brain from removing me from the precious girl sitting beside me.


Do you experience this too? Are you thinking of what you could be doing when you have something wonderful to do right in front of you?


Katie needs me for lots of things. But sometimes all she needs is for me to just sit still.


And if I hadn't sat still and done crafts with her, I would never have discovered that I really have some awesome bean-gluing skills.

mom has skills

And you never know when bean-gluing skills are going to come in handy.

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Boo & Koala said...

Haha! Awesome bean art there!
And yes of course, we all feel that way about our never ending to do list! But you have reminded me to just sit and be still w my peanuts...soon enough they won't want to do bean art w us :)