Wednesday, April 15, 2009

thank you, mama

After seeing the cute header Jersey Mama put on her blog, I decided to go to scrapblog and make one myself. After I was finished, I did my very best to get it from scrapblog to its new home as my blog header. I could not figure it out, (I am not good with the whole technical aspect of blogging- not that I am very good with the whole writing part either) and it was driving me crazy, almost to tears - yes, some days the tears some way to easily. So I sent a completely pathetic plea to Jersey Mama, and she was so kind to email step-by-step easy instructions. We do not even know each other in real life, just through reading each other's blogs, so I really appreciate her kindness.

Thank you, Thank you, Jersey Mama!

1 comment:

Jersey Mama said...

Aww thanks! It was my pleasure. :) And it looks great!