Thursday, April 16, 2009


On Tuesday, the kids and I spent a few fun hours over at my friend Katie's house. She has four boys, and Joey always has a great time playing with them. (And I love spending time with Katie too!) They get along well, and besides a stray knee to the throat during a round of mattress jumping, the day was incident free, full of good fun.

When it was time to go, Joey shed some tears, and sorrowfully said good-bye to every friend. He sadly made his way into his car seat, and had the longest face he could mange as we pulled away and yelled good-bye one last time. A moment of silence and then from the back seat I hear--

"I wish Daddy could be Miss Katie's wife, so then I could live at their house and play with them everyday."

Just like that. Mommy out. Four new brothers in.


Dear Abbi said...

And Adam would make such a great wife at that. :)

Becky said...

Ha,ha,ha!!! I needed that laugh!

Jersey Mama said...

Ha! That made me LOL!

Katie said...