Wednesday, January 19, 2011

step by step

On January 1st, after hardly staying awake long enough to kiss my love as the new year came in, I was up "celebrating" with Katie and the toilet at three a.m. Lizzie woke up with a mess leftover from the "celebrating" she did in her crib by herself sometime in the night.

After a day of cleaning up sick messes and tending to sick bellies, Adam told me to take a break and get out of the house and go shopping. After just a couple hours out, I came home around the kids' bedtime. I found Adam and all the kids upstairs in Joey's room. Adam avoided eye contact and confessed:

"While you were gone...Lizzie took her first step."

Of course she did! That little stinker waited until I was gone to teach me a lesson about skipping out on her. But before she went to bed, as though sensing my utter disappointment, she took one more little step just for me. All was forgiven. :)

She is so chubby and short, it is just the cutest thing to watch her place each foot down as she makes every shaky, but purposeful step. By January sixth she had put ten of those cute steps in a row. And here we are, only 18 days after her first, and she has figured out how to put a long enough sequence of steps together to walk herself into the bathroom and play in the toilet water.

Baby steps. Baby steps that have opened up a whole new world of adventure.


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