Monday, December 13, 2010


I love the hair that comes perched upon the bleary-eyed heads that wake up each morning.
There are so many different looks to enjoy:

The mussy-mop.
(do you like the foot peeking out?)

The spiney-pokey.
(that may be a look of slight displeasure at mother shooting his picture first thing in the morning while his mouth is full of breakfast)

And the teased-to-please.

But to be perfectly honest, this is how Katie looks most of the time, not just in the morning.
She is not a well-kept girl. It is not her way. Her mane cannot be tamed!

Lizzie usually gets this mussy mop pulled up into a pebbles-style sometime in the day, but this is basically how her face looks most of the time.

Always smiling and showing of those goofy front teeth of hers.

Morning to night, what a delight.

1 comment:

Jackie's World said...

I can relate to Katie...that's so me in the morning! lol
Next time get a pic of you in there ;o)