Thursday, September 9, 2010

happy today

I am thankful for all my babies. I am happy I get to stay home with them.
It is wonderful. It is hard work. Some days, it feels like REALLY hard work. But it is all worth it.
I would never exchange the thrill (and sometimes frustration) of teaching Joey to read for any paycheck. And today I was able to answer Katie's questions about dying and calm her fears, because I was here, I was home. Staying home means I get to see Lizzie wave bye-bye for the first time, not be told about it.

At the end of the day, eveyday, I am very tired. But the thoughts in my head in the two minutes I am lying on my pillow before I zonk out are all the happy, silly, tender, stinky, sticky, drooly, crazy moments I had with my kids that day.

This job of motherhood is time-consuming, thought-consuming, and peace-and-quiet-consuming. I love it in the same moment that it is driving me bananas. But I do love it. And I do love these little people.




They are good little people and they make my life beautiful and weird and wonderful.

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The Girl with the Hair said...

beautifully written, as always. i couldn't have said it better myself