Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my delicious shrimp

Hello there.
You are my little baby. My tiniest one. What do you think you are doing, learning all these new baby skills?

In the past week:

  • I found you sitting up in your crib. Your face was a bit perplexed and scared at the position you had gotten yourself into all by yourself.
  • You grew a tooth. You don't seem too happy about it, but are pleased to rub it on the tip of the sippy cup you've been trying out.
  • You thrilled Joey when you pulled yourself up to your knees from a sitting position when he was playing with you in the basement. I don't know who was cuter -- you or Joey ecstatically yelling for us to come see your latest feat.

It's like somebody sent you a "grow up" memo and you are taking it seriously.


Don't you know you are my delicious shrimp? You are supposed to stay small for ever.

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grndmom/pop said...

she is sooooo beautiful!! luv,mom