Tuesday, May 4, 2010

imagine, if you will

I am currently operating under the assumption that if I pretend my dining room and all the mess that lies therein do not exist, then it will cease to be a disaster or my problem. I am going to go about my business without allowing my eyes to linger upon the mountain of books and papers stacked upon the buffet. I will walk through my house without letting my mind get all twisted up in the thoughts of organizing the shelves full of scrapbooking supplies, kid's craft supplies and workbooks. I will check on the progress of the seeds sending up their little sprouts in the light of dining room window without interrogating myself about how it got this way, when will I get to it, or how will I make the room one the helps me instead of sending me into denial.

It will get better. But not today or even this week. So it's Bye-bye reality and a great big hug and warm welcome to my new friend delusion.

Have a great day keeping your house cleaner than mine! :)

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Dear Abbi said...

My dining room is the SAME way only it's probably worse. Gracie is in love with cutting up paper and using markers. So at any given time, like right now for instance, the floor is littered with paper scraps and markers and whatever else fell off the landslide known as the dining room table. I do the same thing, just avert my eyes as I walk anywhere near that room. It works pretty well to just ignore an entire portion of the first floor. :)