Tuesday, December 15, 2009


  • Go on, admit it. You knew I wasn't going to produce a single catch-up post. Shame on me.
  • Baby update: No baby. Doctor check-up today shows that my body and baby seem perfectly happy to be sharing the same space. More waiting and wondering when it will be.
  • Joey asked me what "labor" was, because he heard me and Daddy talking about it, and thought it was something about that baby. So I explained the work a Mommy goes through as her muscles get ready to get the baby out, and that he would be going to Grandmom's house sometime when I was in labor. He is now whole-heartedly in favor of me going into labor, and was disappointed this morning when he came into the kitchen and saw me drinking my coffee and remarked with a frown, "No labor." While I was walking out of his bedroom after putting him to bed this evening he reassured me with a "Labor. Yes!" while drawing a check mark in the air. I am glad to have Joey rooting for me. :)
  • I do hope she comes before Christmas, but I will try to be patient and enjoy every bout of hiccups she has until the big day.


Dear Abbi said...

Haha, Joey is too funny! Lily overheard a lot about birth and babies, what with the SIX babies born (between Katina and I) in her lifetime. When she was about 3, and I think it was around Labor Day, she asked Scott and I in the car, "What does 'labor' mean?" We gave her some answer about "hard work" or something like that. To which she replied, "And birthin' babies, right?" :)

I hope you get to birth your baby soon!

Becky said...

Good attitude - just keep enjoying carrying your baby girl; the empty feeling that comes after labor is sad! I always miss my babies after they are born even though right before I was anxious to meet them.