Saturday, September 12, 2009

beach time

Adam treated us to a nice long Labor Day weekend vacation at the beach. It was lovely. Not hurried or rushed, not too long or tiresome, with the perfect blend of sunny and cloudy days. We all enjoyed ourselves, being thankful to have a vacation when we thought this would be a year without our usual week at the shore.

I love this photo of Adam and Joey in the waves. While Joey loves playing where the surf meets the sand, he still has some fear of heading out into the deep blue, even if it is just waist deep. The possibility of a wave crashing over his head is still a bit too much for him to handle. But Daddy did what daddies do and took the man-child out to see how harmless a few waves are.

I love how Joey is holding on so tight with one arm, the other hand holding his nose. He stayed out in the waves only as long as Daddy made him, and then was happy to be back in his comfort zone.

While Katie was a little dare devil at the beach last year, she was older and wiser this year, and would not play in the surf without holding my hand, and at no point did I have to restrain her from walking out to sea. She loved playing in her little baby pool where the most popular toy was an empty dish soap bottle re-purposed as a squirt bottle.

Summer vacation gave us lots of smiles, but none as big as Katie's.


kellinator said...

awwwwww!!!! adorable :) love this post!

Jersey Mama said...

aw i'm glad you guys got to go. what a nice way to spend the weekend!